I have been working in IT since 1999 – selling PCs for Gateway, then working in support for a large London university’s many research hospitals, next becoming a desktop deployment and Active Directory specialist there, changing employer to become hands-on Technical Infrastructure Manager for many years, then switching to become a Client Architect for a managed services provider. I am VMware VCP4 and VCP5 certified and I have designed, and built predominantly vSphere server environments hosting Windows servers, with Juniper, Cisco and Palo Alto networking. I am currently a Design Authority for a large international IT outsourcing company.

In a previous job I worked on implementing live H.264 encoding and streaming for event broadcasting. This led to me becoming interested in home media streaming solutions, in particular using the DLNA standard. I was instrumental in creating the device profile for Sony Bluray Disc players for the media servers PS3 Media Server and Serviio, the latter of which I continue to maintain. As a result of this work, Sony UK officially recommended that its customers use Serviio in conjunction with its products and, just recently, commercially licensed the Serviio product as Sony Homestream.

After writing a popular tutorial for getting Serviio running on Synology NAS products, I decided to create a deployment package so even novice users could enjoy it without having to compile anything. This led to me creating an online package repository for this and several other Synology packages I have made such as Oracle’s Java for Embedded runtime environment, OpenRemote, Minecraft server, CrashPlan online backup, and most recently Bliss album art manager. Embedded systems fit well with one of my interests – squeezing the maximum potential from apparently limited pieces of technology.

A few years ago I realised that increasingly the most useful technical information I leverage tends to come from blog posts so I decided to put something back and create my own. I hope you find it useful!