Dell OptiPlex GX620 Windows 7 drivers

Dell do not make any Windows 7 drivers available for the OptiPlex GX620 even though this machine is still a perfectly capable workstation. Where I work they make up most of our inventory and they are all being upgraded to 3GB of RAM ready for the roll-out. The Pentium D CPU runs in x64 mode, and even the Pentium 4 HT 3.40GHz sold in early configs is 64bit capable.

Windows 7 includes a driver for the Intel 945G integrated video card, though Windows Update will suggest a newer one. There is an issue with this (see my post for details), so you should use version instead which you can find at Microsoft Update Catalog using a search string of Intel 82945G Express and sorting by version number. You’ll need to use Internet Explorer because it requires an ActiveX control to be installed.  Download both of the two matches – one is x86, the other x64 but you can’t tell them apart until they are downloaded.

The SoundMAX Integrated Audio is detected and installed by Windows Update, but if you’re maintaining a WIM image or building an unattended install you’ll need to isolate the driver files. These are also available at Microsoft Update Catalog – search for SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio, order by version and look for version for x64 and for x86.

63 thoughts on “Dell OptiPlex GX620 Windows 7 drivers

  1. Toddy

    I can’t get your fix to work for the Soundmax audio on a Dell Optiplex GX620 running Win 7 x86 – I’m just back to where I started when I installed the OS (windows thinks it has the correct driver, but no sound comes out the speakers.)
    Any other ideas? as you seem to be more knowledgeable on the subject than I.

  2. patters Post author

    I can’t really vouch for the x86 build as I haven’t tried it. But if Windows seems happy with the Windows Update driver choice – are you sure you’ve got your speaker lead plugged into the correct jack output etc.? I guess the device can’t be disabled in the BIOS or it wouldn’t list it at all. And you definitely rebooted following the install? Sometimes that’s required for it to start working (though not always). Other than that – I don’t really have any suggestions.

  3. ZiprHead

    Revised to add: I tried to update asdescribed above. The x86 version would not install, saying the version I had, XP driver installed in compatibility mode, is the better driver. I have sound but no mic or line-in. Windows 7 Ultimate with Aero works great on this system with 4 gigs of ram. 27% memory usage. It’s a shame that Dell does not update these driver for this computer.

    People seems to be having no truble with the x64 version. Should I have installed the x64 version of Windows 7? I have both on the disk I bought. It’s a fresh install so I don’t have a problem with starting over

    1. patters Post author

      Well the x64 edition supports more RAM, and more and more software will expect a 64bit OS, so it will last longer. Since the CPU is one of the first that can handle it, you might as well. The only catch is if you have old hardware like a scanner or something which is 32bit only. I can’t vouch for the x86 driver support but the x64 drivers for the main devices seem rock solid.

      1. ZiprHead

        I’ll give it a try reinstalling with the x64. I have the limits on RAM installed already, the GX620 only supports 4 gigs, so that is not a consideration. Software limitations was my concern.

  4. speedy

    hey patters i installed win 7×32 bit… and my audio is not working .. i don’t know much about these bios sort of thing… CAN U OR ANY ONE PLZ SEND ME THE DIRECT LINK WHERE I CAN INSTALL THOSE DRIVERS… TO ENABLE MY AUDIO….


  5. sha

    I just resolved this problem in my gx280 today.

    Download the most recent audio driver from Dell and before
    you run it in windows 7 you need to right click, select
    properties, and set the compatibility to xp sp2.

    The video driver needs to come from Intel. It’s

    You’ll need to set that compatibility to win xp sp2 as well.

    If you don’t have the video driver installed you won’t be able to
    watch dvd’s using powerdvd.

    and just a heads up. Don’t install the chip set driver pack. I
    did and it slowed my startup down considerably. It took 10
    minutes to start up. Once I removed my startup was back to
    about a minute.

    Also, if you’re not already aware, the gx280 is hyper
    threading compatible, but the factory setting in the bios has it
    turned off. To turn it on you’ll need to go into the bios (f2)
    select the performance tab, select hyper threading, and turn
    it on. You know it worked when you see two graphs for the
    processor when you run the task manager.

    Hope this helps

    1. Camber

      hrmm, trying it now but i’m not super good with computers. I’m on the Microsoft Update Catalog and downloaded the two that you said. Found the 64 bit one….but not sure what to do now…

      1. patters Post author

        Download it. Unzip it, then in Device Manager find the Audio Device (or one with the Question Mark), then right-click to select Update Driver, then pick Browse my computer for driver software. Browse to the folder you unzipped the driver to and… done.

  6. jason.binns

    I found the 32 bit driver for sound, and we too need to install this on our next deployment. I am going to try all of the items above. I will post as I learn more

  7. patters Post author

    It should probably be mentioned here that we’ve found power management problems running these OptiPlex GX620 machines with these drivers and Windows 7 x64. We get fairly frequent (but utterly random and inconsistent) occurances of the machines not waking from sleep mode. This is typically due to a BIOS or driver issue (we had the same on newer OptiPlex 780 machines before BIOS A04 AFAIK) but of course these older ones are not being updated by Dell at all, let alone supported beyond Windows XP.
    So if this is a show stopper for you then be warned. We’ve alleviated it by simply backing off the power management to 4 hours rather than 1.

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    1. patters Post author

      I’m not really sure what your question is, but I think the answer is in my article. Based on the comments of others here the 64bit version of Windows 7 is less likely to have driver problems.

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    1. Himanshu

      Marvelous person “eto_samoe” ….hats off to you. Audio drivers really working after installing specified drivers in url.

  10. saqib

    please help me.. as i am unable to install gx 280 VGA driver for window 7… my sound card driver is working fine… any body help for video card driver ..plz plz plz…………for sound card just install the driver for GX 280 sound card driver for vista… it is working fine for me.. plz help any body help me for video card driver.. plz plz

    1. deezel

      I have the same computer GX-620 and the same audio problem no drivers from Dell, I followed Patters instructions and I went to Microsoft update catalog and read everything didn’t find the specific sound max drivers or might have deleted them I looked thru all 35 pages carefully).Then I noticed Patters said sound max will install automatically after windows update. I clicked update and just as I grabbed my windows XP service pack 3 disk to reinstall it, I looked over at the screen and bingo the red x was gone from my speaker and I had sound, at approximately 5:45 a.m. Whew, I started looking for drivers at 2:00 a.m. Once again Patters thanx a million my dude and thanx to pc load letter.

  11. Pcozzy

    This was so easy to follow and addressed the issue so clearly… much better than other threads I found. Thank you for sharing! I’ve got 66 of these machines to upgrade to Windows 7 x64. The fancy dancing and jumping through hoops was definitely minimized by your post. Phew!

  12. H.B

    Hello I have a problem with the sound driver! Sound works but no mic or line-in! Now I’m running windows 7 x64 on my optiplex gx620! I openned sound control panel i entered in recording and under Microphone, Line in and Phone Line is write “SoundMAX ….Audio Currently unavailable. Just when i set as default device disappear “Currently unavailable” but doesn’t work. Please give me a solution for this problem!

    P.S I followed all instructions from the post but still doesn’t work!

    1. H.B

      Search and Install this: 6305_Vista_Win7_PG537 ! Really works! The mic works very well with this driver but you need to have installed skype because everytime when you want to use mic, the OPTION PANEL (click tools and then options) with audio settings (choose from there source of the mic and speakers) should be opened!

      P.S Don’t update the driver after install!

  13. GB KHAN


  14. zia

    just go to system properties
    click on hardware and then slect ” device installation settings”
    and select “yes do it automaticaly(recommended)
    it will install the sound max audio drivers and you are good to go
    works for me on windows 7 ultimate 32 bit on my gx 620 pc

  15. saeed ahmed

    I have no video resolution while playing video of 720p after inshall Window 7 ultimate on my Dell OptPlex GX620. please Help me………..!

  16. La Toya

    Hi, I was able to get the sound card, now, is there a suggestion on where I can find the network adapter driver? I’m unable to access the internet because I don’t have it.

    1. patters Post author

      If it’s not automatically detected then maybe you have a separate NIC in this PC. In the Device Manager right-click on the device that’s missing the driver and select Properties. Then select Device IDs. Look up the vendor and device IDs at to discover which network card you have.

      1. La Toya

        Wow!! Thanks SO MUCH. I put the name of my Wireless card in and was able to find the driver that way. I’m now fully functional! You rule. Many thanks.

  17. Jeff

    Just a note of thanks.
    I’m putting W-7 Thin Client onto several Optiplex GX620/520 and everything, except the audio driver, installed natively.
    The Thin Client update does not find any hardware driver for audio on MS Updare. Thin Client uses the same driver set as W-7 Embedded (I think).
    I lucked across this site and followed the directions for locating the x86 driver from the MS Update Catalog. The Analog Devices driver update for SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio worked like a champ. You can sort the columns on the Catalog page by the way .
    Downloaded the file, copied it to the 620, extracted the files, and used Device Manager to manually update the audio driver.

  18. Nixxon


    it works perfect for me. I have a windows 7 32 bits. Downloaded from update in microsoft, the exactly version you told us and works.

    Thankyou very much!

  19. ruvah

    For me that sound max worked,now need to know about the dvd drivers for dell optiplex 32bit dvd not showing


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